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WebGL shadow maps, Phaser-plugin-debug-draw, and mischief universe


Epic Games Store launches self-publishing tools for game developers and publishers
These tools enable developers and publishers to efficiently release games, maintain their store presence directly, and reach a growing audience of over 68 million MAU.
Epic Games news

Roche Limit is a dark, surrealist pixel art game that runs entirely in PowerPoint
How this seemingly unsuitable platform gave birth to a deeply unsettling experience.
Holly Green at Game Developer

Why are video games so afraid of everyday life?
Even games set in the present day have little to do with actually living here.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

SimCity launched a decade ago, and it was so disastrous it killed the series
The launch of SimCity 2013 was cataclysmic, but it never really stood a chance.
Callum Bains at PC Gamer

YouTubers make 43-inch gaming laptop using Intel NUC and plywood
The finished product looks like you’d expect a gaming laptop to look with LED lighting and a huge display. However, it’s not the most practical computer.
Josh Norem at Extreme Tech


WebGL shadow maps part 1: as simple as possible
The aim of this post is to provide a walkthrough from the simplest possible shadow map implementation to a reasonably nice final implementation.
Rob Louie's blog

Massive update to Serious Scramblers prototype built with nocode tool GDevelop
More enemies, fancy graphics, death animation, increasing scrolling speed, and more.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Phaser-plugin-debug-draw - debug display for Phaser 3

SIPS: scriptable image processing system


Mischief universe

Pulsating to the back beat

Torus knot


The Stack Overflow Podcast #542: Godot


Elephant in the Room

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