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Shifty, angular hitomezashi, and Shot in the Dark


Voodoo’s Alex Shea: “hypercasual is dead”
In his talk at PGC London 2023, Alex Shea of Voodoo made a convincing argument for how hypercasual may be going the way of the dodo.
Iwan Morris at PocketGamerBiz

Valve used secret memory access “honeypot” to detect 40K Dota 2 cheaters
Publisher is publicizing its methods to send a message to would-be exploit users.
Kyle Orland at ArsTechnica

Can The Super Mario Bros Movie end 30 years of terrible video game films?
Bob Hoskins called the original Nintendo spin-off the ‘worst thing I ever did’, which has set the tone for video game movies ever since – can this latest effort buck the trend?
Ben Child at The Guardian

John Romero honoured alongside the teacher who made world's first edutainment game
I can't believe 1964's Sumerian Game hasn't gotten a remaster.
Joshua Wolens at PC Gamer


Building a Phaser 3 game with ECS and React
The aim of this article is to show how you can use the tank game with ReactJS. The details regarding Entity Component System in Phaser has been omitted since it is covered in Beginning ECS in Phaser 3.
Chukwuyenum Opone at Ourcade

Putting gears in motion: animating cars with HTML and SVG
SVG animateMotion provides a way to define how an element moves along a motion path. In this article, Paul Scanlon shares an idea of how to use it by animating race cars in an infinite loop as easy as one-two-three!
Paul Scanlon at Smashing Magazine


Shifty - the fastest JavaScript animation engine on the web

PSone.css - Playstation 1 style CSS framework inspired by NES.css


Angular hitomezashi

Granite double tetrahedron

Delaunay triangulation


Shot in the Dark

Happy Kittens Puzzle

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