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MusicLM, mega bundle, and deep sea fractal


Slow and steady wins the race: How Dwarf Fortress reinvented itself after 20 years
Tarn Adams chats about the title's commercial release, the winding path of the cult classic, and adjusting to a new reality where the two co-exist side-by-side.
Marie Dealessandri at GamesIndustryBiz

Ever wondered what happened to indie devs that went all in?
Every now and then you see a thread pop up where someone is tired of their (often well-paying) job, and decides to ditch it all in the hopes of making a successful indie game.
Throwupyourway at Reddit

Diving into the nuance of "self-imposed crunch"
According to our State of the Game Industry 2023 report surveying game developers, nearly three-quarters of devs working more than 40-hour weeks said they felt self-pressure to do so.
Danielle Riendeau at Game Developer

Stolen League of Legends source code being ransomed, and Riot Games won’t pay
No player information or credentials were leaked in the attack, Riot Games says.
Kevin Purdy at Ars Technica


Quick Switch HTML5 prototype built with GDevelop
While I am building a complete Totem Destroyer game just to see how is the whole process of making a game with GDevelop, I found another old Flash glory which can be easily ported using this tool: Quick Switch.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

JavaScript Breakout from scratch
JavaScript course making a solid Breakout game from scratch with no engine, and using small sprites as levels.
Jake Klassen and Dan Fletcher at Udemy


BeJS Conf: the JavaScript conference in Brussels and online on May 12th


MusicLM: generating music from text


January 2023 Mega Bundle Game Assets on Itch.io - save 97%


Deep sea fractal

Rough seas

Cat flow field


GDC 2020: Aesthetic Driven Development - choosing your art before making a game


Knight in Shining Armour


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