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Solo devs, pickup sticks, and 6 Pockets


Celebrating the life and works of solo developers
Creating games is hard work. We all know that. That’s why we have such an admiration for developers that go through the whole development process alone.
Eric Bartelson at PreMortem Games

Omdia research reveals $62 billion market for technology services in the games industry
Games Tech Market Forecast 2023 finds that games tech revenue totaled $62 billion in 2022, equivalent to more than a quarter of the total income of the games industry.
Liam Deane at Game Developer

Popular Steam game raises price after seven years without a sale
The Factorio devs say this price increase is to 'account for the level of inflation' since its 2016 launch.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Game launch success: treat your release like hosting a holiday feast
Your game's release is a big deal! You should be preparing for it for months in advance. Unfortunately, many indie game developers make and release without a plan, dooming their game to obscurity.
Matt Hackett at Valadria

Roblox says 70 user-created games have crossed a billion plays
Roblox said the year’s top titles included Livetopia, which recently partnered with Mariah Carey for a holiday experience, and viral thrillers like DOORS and Evade.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat


Generative AI in game development – complete guide
Generative Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning algorithms in order to create content. This content can be all the way from images and 3D models, to audio, text, animations and more.
Pablo Farias at GameDev Academy

Build a 3D HTML5 game like Stairs using Phaser and Three.js – step 6: final touches and settings to increase difficulty
Time to give the final touches to my Stairs prototype and publish the source code, before I add title screen, sounds and stuff to publish the complete game.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Game Off 2022 winners and top rated entries on GitHub's blog


How to learn to code and get a developer job in 2023 - free book by Quincy Larson


Pickup sticks


Spinning lines


How to make a Sim City like game in GDevelop


6 Pockets

Build a Snowman in Google Play

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