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Gamedev.js Weekly #47


Google Chrome and the future of Virtual Reality - Interview with Brandon Jones
Google's Brandon Jones talks future implementations of WebVR, WebGL2 and going way beyond gaming.
Ricky Ramsaran at WEMO

A fighting Poland: The birth and growth of Eastern Europe’s hottest game industry
The video game industry in Poland is fast becoming one of the most respected and prolific in Europe.
Dan Crawley at VentureBeat

Drive Player Immersion With Game Character Psychology
Cyber psychologist Berni Good knows all about SDT and how its components can be applied by developers when designing game characters.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

New Video Games Shouldn't Be So Broken
It seems these days that a big game just can't launch without some kind of technical issue.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

Setting Realistic Deadlines, Family, and Soup
Jan. 23, 2015. This is my goal. My deadline. And I'm going to miss it. Let me explain. As I write this article, I am also making soup. Trust me, it all comes together at the end.
Thomas Henshell at GamedevNET

Devs team up with Humble Bundle for anti-Ebola charity game jam
A group of ten high-profile developers are going to spend the next few days livestreaming their participation in Games Against Ebola, a 96-hour game jam intended to raise money to help support humanitarian efforts against Ebola.
Alex Wawro at Gamasutra


Writing an HTML5 game with no game engine – Just AngularJS and the HTML5 Canvas
I wrote a version of the Arcade classic Centipede using AngularJS and the HTML5 canvas.
Randolph Burt at The Adventures of Randeroo

Upgrading to MelonJS 2.0
With the release of MelonJS 2.0.0, is time to conduct a upgrade to this solid and awesome version of the engine, packed with nice features.
Andre Antonio Schmitz at Cian Games blog

Sending data to multiple Google Analytics properties
Since I have around 20 games that I need to send data to, I didn't want to change every one of them, so I wrote some Javascript to address my need.
Rémi Vansteelandt blog


JSConf Buenos Aires with multiplayer Phaser game in the header


Backbone - HTML5 canvas game engine

CopperLicht - free and fast WebGL JavaScript 3D engine with world editor

SyncScript - Non-Blocking Synchronous JS


Cartoon Particle Pack for Kiwi.js


Drag your game camera with velocity in Phaser


Eric Lathrop: Making JavaScript Games From the Browser to the App Store

Earle Castledine: Gonzo Game Dev


List of games on Steam created with Construct 2

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