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Phaser Help Center, waterfall, and Starcatcher


Google honors Jerry Lawson with game-making Doodle game
To honor Jerry Lawson's birthday, the daily Google Doodle lets players create their own games and play through milestones of his life.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

Game7 launches $100M grant program to accelerate Web3 gaming
This is the kind of thing that blockchain game studios need now, as the crypto winter, the economic downturn, and gamer hostility to Web3 is taking its toll.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

London brothers who started million-pound company from their bedroom now sell to NASA
These brothers are showing that playing too many games isn't all that bad. If you want to, you might even be able to turn it into a million-pound business.
Ayokunle Oluwalana at MyLondon

Nintendo finally acknowledges the buggy mess of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Version 1.1.0 has some ambiguous bug fixes, but also admits that the game's in disarray.
John Walker at Kotaku


Developer Relations Manager at Poki
Are you passionate about games and want to work on creating hit titles reaching millions of players? Then you’re ready to make an impact on the next big thing in gaming!


Creating a 2D physics engine from scratch in JavaScript
If we put aside performance and restrict us to the most important features, creating a simple engine is surprisingly straightforward and very satisfying.
Ailef's blog


Micro Fiction Games Jam 2022 entries


Unofficial Phaser Help Center - free app


Humble Bundle: the no-code gamedev bundle


Impossible waterfall illusion

Spherical tiling

Counting sheep


Zenva Academy: learn object-oriented programming with Python in 22 minutes



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