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Posing, Neural Radiance Fields, and Dwarves


I just got featured on a bigger indie youtube channel - let's look at some stats
This generated so much traffic that my Steam wishlist went up by 18,300% resulting in over 1,200 new wishlists.
Ichbinhamma at Reddit

Netflix's LA studio might be working on a non-mobile game
Netflix's game division may only be a year old, but the streamer is already looking to expanding its horizons.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision ‘likely’ to face FTC lawsuit, report says
Meanwhile, Sony and Xbox’s war of words takes an absurd turn.
Oli Welsh at Polygon

Dealing with online hate: a crisis management handbook for video game developers
TinyBuild's Alex Nichiporchik gives pointers to maintain positive relations between devs and their communities.
Alex Nichiporchik at GamesIndustryBiz

Meta researchers create AI that masters Diplomacy, tricking human players
Meta's Cicero can negotiate or persuade with natural language — just like a human.
Benj Edwards at Ars Technica


Build a 3D HTML5 game like Stairs using Phaser and Three.js – step 4: collision detection, better controls and level progression
In this massive update, I am going to add collision detection, better controls using some kind of virtual trackpad and level progression.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Phaser Editor 2D lifetime license is 50% off



Sprinkles spiral

Canvas particles


Neural Radiance Fields is the future of imagery


Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot

Snake 3D

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