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Sacred geometry, Phaser Editor tutorial, and Earth's Greatest Defender


10 years of FTL: the making of an enduring spaceship simulator
Developers Justin Ma and Matthew Davis look back at the game's creation and legacy.
Alex Calvin at Ars Technica

Doom Eternal composer alleges id Software stole control of soundtrack from him
Gordon alleges a crunch-heavy schedule and creative clashes led to him losing control of Doom Eternal's music.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

Crypto's biggest crash saw guy playing League Of Legends while luring investors
FTX’s $32 billion valuation evaporated overnight in crypto’s most costly crash yet.
Ethan Gach at Kotaku

After two days of April Fools', you can't pay $8 to impersonate Nintendo on Twitter anymore (at least for now)
Do you think someone would do that? Just lie on the internet?
Ted Litchfield at PC Gamer


Add a Bootstrap navbar to your HTML5 Phaser games and let it manage the UI
I love to develop games, I am doing it for (way) more than a decade, but there’s still something I hate about developing games: the UI.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Vueday 2022 conference happening in Verona and online on November 18th


Phaser 3.60 Beta 14 released


State of IPFS in JS


Sacred geometry


Organic chaos


Making your first Phaser game with Phaser Editor 2D - part 1: introduction

The unmaking of McPixel 2: a McPixel 3 documentary


Earth's Greatest Defender

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