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Game Off, AutoRegex, and Marcus O'Snail


Vampire Survivors beats out Persona 5 Royal as Steam Deck's most-played October launch
The Phantom Thieves were no match for the Belpaese family.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

Freedom Games raises $10M to publish indie games
The Huntsville, Alabama-based company is only about 18 months old, but it has published successful indie projects like Coromon, Dreamscaper, Dark Deity, Cat Café Manager and Symphony of War.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat

I STILL want shorter games, with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less
The original tweet became sort of a trend some time ago, resulting even in a itch.io bundle with tons of games1, but at least for me, it seems that people aren't still taking about this.
Lucas Coelho's blog

Dwarf Fortress on Steam gets release date, trailer, and graphics beyond ASCII
Early next month, you can experience sublime subterranean chaos — with sprites.
Kevin Purdy at Ars Technica

Minecraft in Halo 3 is a destructible delight
Halocraft is the collaboration we didn't know the Master Chief needed.
Rich Stanton at PC Gamer


Build a 3D HTML5 game like Stairs using Phaser and Three.js – step 2: adding the bouncing ball just using trigonometry
Make the ball move left and right, and also to add more spikes, to make the game more challenging. See also step 3: controlling the bouncing ball and adding more spikes.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Game Off 2022 theme announcement


AutoRegex - convert from English to Regex with natural language processing


Light design

Recursion time

Blue towers


Marcus O'Snail

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