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Gamedev.js Weekly #46


The Hobbit Experience 2014 - Adding WebRTC gameplay to the Hobbit Experience
In time for the new Hobbit movie “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” we have worked on extending last year’s Chrome Experiment, A Journey through Middle-earth with some new content.
Daniel Isaksson at HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rockstars: interview with Okijin Games
After the success of our first interview, the GamePix’ column “HTML5 Rockstars” hosts a new interview, this time to Frederic Rezeau from Okijin Games.
GamePix blog

Nintendo's indie program: The big new interview
What is Nintendo doing for independent developers? What does it want to see on its platforms?
Christian Nutt at Gamasutra

Mozilla launches MozVR.com to help bring virtual reality to the Web
Earlier this year, Mozilla began a project to explore whether it was possible to bring virtual reality to the Web, and in June we released experimental builds of Firefox with support for the Oculus Rift.
MozVR blog

Drive player immersion with game character psychology
Developers win when they use psychology to design characters. This increases engagement, brand loyalty and return game plays. Here are 6 ways developers can use game character psychology in their games.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

The Rough Stuff - why someone needs to be a "business" person on your team
You're gonna need someone, during development and beyond, who can be "that" guy.
Nathaniel Green at Gamasutra

Internet Explorer and Xbox Controller support for games
Internet Explorer Developer Channel went experimental implementation of W3C Gamepad API and you can use your controller to create games on HTML / JavaScript as for Web applications and for Windows 8.
Lee Stott at Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

Dealing with an unhappy community
Most of us deal with the “community” in our jobs on some level or another.
Remote Synthesis blog

Android and iOS go HTML5 friendly with their latest releases
The two popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, may be about to give a boost to the HTML5 development with their latest releases.
João Paulo Marques at InfoQ


Building your Phaser projects with Browserify
Browserify is one of the many loaders available for JavaScript. It allows you to create files as modules.
invrse blog


soundForGames - micro-library to load, play and generate sound effects and music

Latest CocoonJS releases

PlayCanvas: watching and starring

MelonJS 2.0.0 has landed


Yobi3D - Free 3D model search engine

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