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HTML2APP, Gravity, and Infinity Dungeon


What Bayonetta 3’s drama tells us about the market for video game voice work
Union was unable to secure demanded residual payments after their last strike.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica

I contacted 351 streamers prior to Steam Next Fest and 29 of them played my demo - my process, thoughts, and post-mortem
This online event is a great chance to play and promote indie games around the world.
Smoothcade at Reddit

Hans Niemann sues Magnus Carlsen, Chess.com for $100M
The chess cheating scandal brewing since September just reignited. Hans Niemann, the 19-year-old chess grandmaster, sued world champion Magnus Carlsen, and others, for $100 million in damages.
Nicole Clark at Polygon

Netflix opens new game development studio in California
Netflix's new California studio and an interest in cloud technology continue the streaming service's pursuit into games.
Justin Carter at GameDeveloper

Lost in Roblox’s Fifa World – everything wrong with the metaverse in one place
This football-themed game is a ludicrous fantasy: a dystopian hyper-capitalist holiday park that illustrates how the virtual universe will really work.
Keith Stuart at The Guardian


Build a 3D HTML5 game like Stairs using Phaser and Three.js – step 1: building an endless staircase with random spikes
Now I am able to show you the endless Phaser + Three staircase, and I also added random spikes on each step, as well as a fog effect.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


HTML2APP - convert your HTML5 project to a Capacitor based mobile app

Phaser Editor 2D v3.35 released - welcome arcade physics






Chris Power: how to make Tic Tac Toe in React with HTML and CSS


Infinity Dungeon


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