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Third Room, cardioid, and Knight n' Dice


The Simpsons couch gag pays tribute to Chrome Dino game
Season 34 of The Simpsons kicked off tonight with a “couch gag” that pays tribute to Google Chrome’s Dino game.
Abner Li at 9To5Google

Kreso and Bubble Trouble, a 20-year tale
We sat down with Kreso to talk about the early Flash days, all things Bubble Trouble, and working with Poki to bring the hit Flash series to HTML5 so it can continue to be enjoyed by millions.
Poki for Developers

Redditor improves Fallout 2 character models using Stable Diffusion AI art generator
Fallout 2, one of the most iconic RPGs in video game history, still has a lot of loyal supporters. One of its fans has reimagined in-game characters using a machine learning model.
Evgeny Obedkov at Game World Observer

Google kills Stadia, its cloud gaming service, refunding everyone
Google is shutting down its cloud gaming storefront just a few years after it launched.
Ethan Gach at Kotaku

Games and game tools are becoming more frictionless, is that a bad thing?
Games and game-making software are becoming smoother than ever. Maybe they need a little more grit.
Bryant Francis at Game Developer


4.2 Gigabytes, or: how to draw anything
In our world, we can do anything that we want to do here. Any old thing. Bob Ross, The Joy Of Painting Season 29 Episode 1.
Andy Salerno's blog

Code golfing tips and tricks: how to minify your JavaScript code
If you are into JavaScript code golfing or just looking to minify your code, here’s a collection of tips and tricks to help you understand JavaScript intricacies and make your code shorter.
Ciprian at getButterfly


js13kGames 2022 Awards Ceremony online meetup on October 5th


Third Room - open, standards-based, decentralised vision of the metaverse


Cardioid / nephroid

3D galaxy particles



Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games: stop for big moments


Knight n' Dice

Dying Dreams - (In)complete Edition

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