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Vitest, Ctjs 3, and Village Builder


Why aren't there more video game characters on the autism spectrum?
Representatives from Autistica Play explain why autistic representation in video games is more important than ever.
Lizzie Edkins at GamesIndustryBiz

The future of tabletop games is digital
Tabletop games are inherently physical, yet they’ve increasingly been going digital.
Scott White at Polygon

MyMetaverse and Enjin bring playable NFTs to Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft servers
The MyMetaverse “MetaHome” NFT collection is the first minted on Efinity, an NFT parachain built on Polkadot.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat

Netflix partners with Ubisoft to bolster fledgling gaming division
Streaming giant will launch three new mobile games next year based on Ubisoft hits.
Anna Gross at Ars Technica


Testing Phaser games with Vitest
I will let you know how I have built a test driven environment for some of my game logic.
David Morais at DevTo

How to publish your GDevelop games on Itch.io (and why you should)
We'll talk about how to publish your game on itch.io, an independent storefront for digital games, and why you should consider it.


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Ct.js version 3.0.0 released with free and open-source 2D game editor



Molecule orbit

Conway's Game of Life, hexified and colorized


Village Builder (sources on GitHub, project on PlayCanvas)

Wilderplace on Steam

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