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Js13kGames, laser scan, and Karen vs Mobs


Whitethorn Games and the art of cultivating slow gaming
Matthew White and Britt Dye discuss the indie push for accessibility, the wholesome games revolution, and "pastoral millennial gay escapism".
Marie Dealessandri at GamesIndustryBiz

Twenty things I've learned about game development
Thinking about what it means to be over fifty in game development prompted me to make a list of what I consider the twenty most important things I've learned over the years. All of these lessons came from making mistakes and learning from them.
Laralyn McWillams at Game Developer

Intel turns to code translation to run old DirectX9 games on its newest GPUs
DirectX9 is still in relatively wide use, given that it's 20 years old.
Andrew Cunningham at Ars Technica

Diablo IV details premium shop and season passes, promises no pay-for-power
In its latest quarterly update, Blizzard has given details for Diablo IV‘s post-launch monetization.
Mike Minotti at GamesBeat


CSS for js13k in 2022
There are only a handful of js13kGames entries each year that use CSS, but there have been tons of useful (yes, for games!) additions to the language over the last year or so. Hopefully me pointing some of them out can get more people interested!
John at BurntIO

Flappy Bird course
In this course we're going to recreate the game Flappy Bird from scratch. We'll leverage the Canvas element, some free assets and TypeScript to create the game.
Jake Klassen at Sidequest


js13kGames 2022 has started!


WebGL Unity optimizer
The WebGL Optimizer is an open-source tool created by CrazyGames that helps developers reduce the build size and increase the performance of their games.


Laser scan

Wall of blocks

Binary pattern


js13kGames 2022 Kick-off meetup recording


Karen vs Mobs

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