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Bitmap font maker, Super Mario Bros in Scratch, and Fire and Dice


Niantic undergoes layoffs, cancels four games as it struggles to move beyond Pokémon Go
Can anything ever be as big as Pokémon Go's first summer?
Rebekah Valentine at IGN

Tesla is getting closer to integrating Steam to take its gaming platform to whole new level
This week, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is getting closer to achieving Steam integration and the automaker is aiming for a demonstration next month.
Fred Lambert at Electrek

How can the next wave of Web3 games become sustainable?
The current massive deceleration of the Web3 space is a good moment to re-evaluate and re-think the fundamentals of Web3 gaming.
Javier Barnes at Deconstructor of Fun

Eight years developing an indie game, my story with publishers
I have spoken with quite a few publishers, thanks the game attracting attention due to its visuals and mechanics. I got a lot of initial interest, but unfortunately, or perhaps luckily, none of these conversations ended up with a deal.
Dr. Kucho at Reddit

Minecraft rejects NFTs and blockchain to ensure "a safe and inclusive experience"
New statement explains that the technology would create "digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion".
Jeffrey Rousseau at GamesIndustryBiz


How Duke Nukem II’s parallax scrolling worked
What does parallax scrolling require, on a technical level? Conceptually, it’s quite simple: we need to draw the background separately from the foreground, and use different scroll offsets for each.
Lethal Guitar's blog


PixiJS Bitmap Font from - open source web tool to create Bitmap Fonts


Procedural materials for Blender


Super Mario Bros in Scratch

Jump floodfill algorithm

Celestial puddles


6 ways to make your GDevelop game better


Fire and Dice

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