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Solitaire, vertices dance, and SkiFree


Is game maker Electronic Arts an acquisition target of Apple, Amazon, or Epic?
Video game leader Electronic Arts is having a pretty decent year despite inflation worries, recession fears and other macroeconomic headwinds. But there are concerns about EA’s future as the gaming industry consolidates.
Paul R. La Monica at WRAL TechWire

Itch.io creator hits out at copycat for using site's code
Website admits to using CSS files belonging to the indie marketplace, and is accused of hosting stolen games.
Danielle Partis at GamesIndustryBiz

Devs share the wild, secret hacks your favorite games rely on
Horses made of human skeletons, explosions that are houses, and other weird hacks used by devs to make the games you love.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Lumi Interactive raises $6.75M to bring crowdhealing project to life
The studio is the developer behind Kinder World, a free mobile game which lets players take care of virtual houseplants by performing real-world mindfulness tasks.
Erron Kelly at GamesBeat

Star Trek: Resurgence is using TV tools for video game storytelling
The developers of Star Trek: Resurgence break down how they're trying to carve out a new story in the future of the Federation.
Bryant Francis at Game Developer


How I chose an animation library for my Solitaire game
I’ll go through which considerations I made, what to look out for and present you with some of the most popular libraries available.
Holger Sindbaek at CSS-Tricks

How to create an AR app – augmented reality tutorial
Do you want to make apps like Pokémon Go or Google Lens?
Lindsay Schardon at GameDev Academy


Duktape - embeddable JavaScript engine, with a focus on portability and compact footprint


Vertices dance

Dice game

3D cute lion


Ania Kubów: Let's code SkiFree in JavaScript and Kaboom.js


Space Major Miner

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