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Big isometric maps, swarm, and a game in Microsoft Word


Video game soundtrack award added to Grammys
The accolade will “recognise excellence” in games and other interactive media.
Danielle Partis at GamesIndustryBiz

StarCraft 2's veterans left Blizzard to make Stormgate, the co-op RTS of their dreams
2023's going to be a big year for the RTS.
Wes Fenlon at PC Gamer

Once again, a quiet indie games show upstages a bombastic ‘AAA’ event
Summer Game Fest may have gotten all the hype, but Day of the Devs was the place to be today.
Ian Walker at Kotaku

Playable Factory announces launch of HTML5 service for mobile games studios
H5 Games will support mobile devs without the experience, ability, or funding to create HTML5 titles.
Staff at PocketGamerBiz


Javascript Game Dev to build a word game
If you’re looking for a remote contract opportunity, then cf. would like to have their word game, Wurd, recreated in JavaScript.


How to manage big isometric maps with Phaser 3.5
I’ll cover what is needed to implement the chunking approach with the current version of Phaser (3.55.2) and how make it work with the isometric map, which Phaser supports.
Jakub at Dynetis Games

Understanding continuous collision detection between a moving circle and a non axis aligned line – step 2: handling ball bounces
We are going to predict the collision as in previous step, and we’ll also predict ball bounce.
Emanuele Feronato's blog



Snake AI



I made a game in Microsoft Word


Zuma Boom

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