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Gamedev.js Weekly #43


Pest Control: Weasels - Genesis: from the idea to the design
Pest Control: Weasels was my contribution to the 2014 edition of js13kgames. It ended up winning both the desktop and mobile categories. This series of articles describe how it was made and the inner workings of the game.
Siorki at GitHub wiki

Stuck in Steam Greenlight: Dev takes matters into his own hands
"I can't force anyone to vote for me, we're just offering a friendly community to showcase your game without getting booed."
Christian Nutt at Gamasutra

Techniques to optimize memory use in CocoonJS Canvas+ environment
Memory is a critical resource in HTML5/JavaScript game development, especially on mobile devices.
Imanol Fernández at Ludei's blog

5 Tips For Designing Great Game Characters
Here is a list of 5 elements developers can consider when creating a character. What more do you suggest?
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

PWN UX: Giamond Digger Saga
Welcome to PWN UX, where we analyze how popular games across multiple platforms – mobile, PC, and console – are designed.

CocoonJS announces the WebView+ for iOS 8: Publish WKWebView powered standalone apps
Apple’s new iOS version 8 announcement brought many good news for the HTML5 developer community.
Iker Jamardo at Ludei's blog

Game design in VR: Pushing off from a new frontier
VR is demanding we re-investigate from the ground up all things we have been assuming about UI/UX, and that we look deeper into cognitive science to address questions about how we perceive our environments and what fidelity even means in VR.
Kimberly Voll at Gamasutra

HTML5 Game Dev Workshop at the HTML5Dev Conf 2014
I recently had the opportunity to run two full-day workshop in San Francisco, on HTML5 mobile game development at the HTML5 Developer Conference, the world largest HTML5, JavaScript and Node.js conference.
Fariazz at Zenva Academy


Making a character invincible
Being invincible means that, within a given context, someone or something can’t be defeated, destroyed or killed.
Otto Robba at invrse

How to make gameplay trailers like the triple A
A basketball coach once told me "if you want to get good, play against someone far better than you".
Kevin Harwood at Gamasutra

How to Run Your Own Game Jam
Game jams are a great way to get some game development experience, meet other developers, and, ever importantly, have some fun.
Chris Tihor at Tuts+ Game Development


Intro to HTML5 game development and Phaser.js in Bristol, United Kingdom


Panda.js 1.9.0 released

Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker


Tis - an embeddable Tetris clone in 4 kB of JavaScript

Autumn WebGL demo

Halloween Pumpkin message generator


Butcher - bloody 2D platformer made in HTML5

QbQbQb on Steam

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