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Bloom3D, skateboard-like preloader, and micropolisJS


Crafting the web-browsing, murder-solving tools of Neurocracy
Neurocracy is a murder mystery, borne from the storybible for a completely different game. This Excellence in Narrative nominee plays out over a series of Wikipedia-like articles as players follow a complex storyline and solve a murder.
Joel Couture at Game Developer

In celebration of 'ugly' games
Games have gotten pretty bloody gorgeous, eh? In 2022 we're spoilt for lush vistas reflected against ray-traced floors. But then there are those other games.
Natalie Clayton at PC Gamer

Ten years later, Jenova Chen reflects on Journey
ThatGameCompany CEO discusses what the game meant to players and to himself, both personally and professionally.
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustryBiz

Elden Ring's minimal UI and HUD elements have started maximum dev debates
There's even a meme showing what the game might look like if Ubisoft had designed it.
Jeremy Winslow at Kotaku


Build a HTML5 game like Wordle using Phaser and TypeScript – step 3: design the game field
Now it’s time to design the game field and add some improvements to the virtual keyboard itself.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Learn asynchronus programming JavaScript tutorial
In this lesson, we’ll see how to do asynchronous programming with async/await.
Prakash Gautam at GameDev Academy


Bloom3D - quick and easy 3D

Blender 3.1 released


Sema - Looking for recommendations of best practices
Sema is building a free code review tool. It includes a best practice library to make code reviews more complete. We are looking for suggestions on your favorite best practice guides to include - JS, JS frameworks, or other topics. If you have recommendations, will you share them at mvi@semasoftware.com

Itch.io's bundle for Ukraine


Skateboard-like preloader

Moving triangles

Low poly floating island


Intro to Unity Web3 programming by Moralis



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