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Rogue Engine, build 7 games, and Six-Sided Streets


John Romero has released a new Doom 2 level to raise funds for Ukraine
It's the first Doom 2 map Romero has released since 1994.
Shaun Prescott at PC Gamer

Spanish studio makes a bullfighting game we’d be OK with playing
Bullfighter Neon is like Pamplona on the Neo Geo.
Owen S. Good at Polygon

Twitch confronted with staff "exodus" over strategy disagreements
"Twitch's leadership is uncomfortable with mid-level and lower level employees pushing for change," a former employee said.
Marie Dealessandri at GamesIndustryBiz

Sony patents method for “significant improvement of ray tracing speed”
Special hardware units handle ray traversal, freeing up the GPU shaders.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica


How to decide what game to make
What game to make is a tough question. There are infinite possibilities and many of them compete in your mind because they are all so exciting. Let's discuss some ways to help you decide which project to choose.
Matt Hackett at Valadria

Build a HTML5 game like Wordle using Phaser and TypeScript
Step 2: add a virtual keyboard.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Rogue Engine - powerful environment to create immersive instant games for the Web




Radial Bezier curves


Learn JavaScript by building 7 games - full course with Ania Kubów

Play-to-earn token economics with Ryan Foo of Delphi Digital


Six-Sided Streets

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