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Kontra v8, solo gamedev book, and Inversion


PlayStation to plant hundreds of thousands of trees as part of Horizon: Forbidden West launch
Sony to support projects in US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and New Zealand.
Christopher Dring at GamesIndustryBiz

The Witcher 3 game director forms new studio Rebel Wolves
Rebel Wolves boss Konrad Tomaszkiewicz left CD Projekt Red in controversial circumstances and claims the past year has been a period of self-reflection.
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

Pro gamer fired after saying short men 'don't have human rights'
The Tekken esports pro made the peculiar remarks during a Cyclops Athlete Gaming stream.
Brian Ashcraft at Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering’s Street Fighter crossover cards get a full reveal
The Secret Lair crossover card sets are part of Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond, which adapts different properties into Magic itself.
Cass Marshall at Polygon


UX/UI Marketing Artist at OP Games
Turn interfaces into meaningful and effective experiences for OP Arcade, our HTML5 + Crypto Game Platform, using frontend technologies such as React and Javascript.


Create a platformer game with GDevelop
Creating your own game is easier than ever! GDevelop is a beginner-friendly game engine that helps you create 2D games with little to no code.
Beau Carnes at freeCodeCamp

Learn Blender’s boolean modifier
In this lesson, we’re going over Booleans in Blender.
Prakash Gautam at GameDev Academy


Kontra v8

Cosmic - a general purpose runtime for JavaScript and WASM


How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself book by Matt Hackett


Self-avoiding walkers

Truchet miles



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