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Colyseus, Erosion, and Twilight Wings


Rockstar: GTA 6 development underway, and it's 'significantly' more ambitious
The developer shared some vague remarks amid news of the PS5 and Xbox Series X ports of GTA V.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Nvidia GPUs enable simulation of a living cell
Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign developed GPU-accelerated software to simulate a 2-billion-atom cell that metabolizes and grows like a living cell.
Isha Salian at Nvidia blog

Sony buying Bungie for $3.6 billion
Destiny studio will remain multiplatform, able "to self-publish and reach players wherever they choose to play".
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustryBiz

How the game industry is fighting its carbon footprint
We look at the challenges the industry faces and the progress it has made.
De'Angelo Epps at Polygon


JavaScript Frontend Developer at Quantum Flytrap
Vue or React, remote. Quantum Flytrap is a startup on a mission to make quantum computing accessible. We develop a browser-based no-code IDE for quantum technologies. We are starting a project for a leading quantum computing manufacturer.


Real-time multiplayer with Colyseus and PlayCanvas
We will be making a basic server, hosted locally on your computer for keeping player states. Changes will be synchronized with clients accordingly.
PlayCanvas Tutorials

Wrapping promises in Phaser
One of the major advantages is many function calls in Phaser occur over a set amount of time, and fire events and stuff when they complete.
Kirk Morris' blog


Human Game Jam starts February 22nd



Wordle infinite



20 award-winning JavaScript games – js13kGames 2021 winners (Ania Kubów at freeCodeCamp)


Twilight Wings

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