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Clay CSS, excuse me coming through, and Doodle Course


Parent plea prompts Hello Games to re-release Joe Danger
The 2013 iOS daredevil title receives a remastered update inspired by a fan letter.
Jeffrey Rousseau at GamesIndustryBiz

Crysis 4 is coming, Crytek confirms
Fourth installment in early development now.
Michael McWhertor at Polygon

Sega arcades will vanish from Japan as company exits amusement business
New owner Genda will rebrand Sega game centres under the 'Genda Gigo' banner.
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

A rare find: Archaeologists unearth 4,000-year-old board game in Oman
Team also unearthed remains of several large stone towers dating back to Bronze Age.
Jennifer Ouellette at Ars Technica


Back-End Web Developer at OP Games
Work on servers and APIs that will be used both internally and by game development partners. See also other open positions.


Pure TypeScript class with no depencencies to handle Drag and Match games in just a few lines – full Phaser example
I finally have a class which only requires you to handle input and animations, taking care about all the rest, object pooling included. It also features multiple combos.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Colorslide tutorial using Defold
In this medium difficulty tutorial you build an in-game GUI, a GUI screen for level selection and a start screen for a simple multi level mobile game.
Defold Tutorials


Clay.css - apply inflated fluffy 3D claymorphism styles


Excuse me coming through

Find the worms 🪱

Cotton candy


Doodle Course

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