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Wordle, noisy mossy dismalites, and Nightscapes


Wordle is being punished by app stores for choosing the open web
It's suddenly being ripped off in app stores by other developers who smell a quick way to make money off of unsuspecting users that either don’t care or don’t know any better.
Owen Williams at TechCrunch

Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking – an interesting experiment for video game history buffs
Though the intended audience is game developers, this is an enjoyable insight into the mechanics of an under-appreciated facet of game design.
Keza MacDonald at The Guardian

GM Frens will help indie developers make profitable games on the blockchain
It offers publishing services and an accelerator program for aspiring game developers.
OP Games at Medium

Krafton sues Apple, Google, Garena over Free Fire
PUBG maker files suit against app store owners and developer of "blatantly infringing" mobile game.
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustryBiz

Lego delaying Overwatch 2 set because of Activision workplace culture
The set had a scheduled release date of February 1, 2022, but now has no firm release date.
Erron Kelly at GamesBeat


Phaser Game Developer at Wolf Game
(remote, contract) Wolf Game is a blockchain game and risk protocol in which Sheep and Wolves compete for WOOL.


Pure TypeScript class to handle Drag and Match games in just a few lines.
I was able to build a Drag and Match game in 20, maybe even less, lines of code, using jQuery to handle animations and interactJS to handle user input.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Top-rated entries from Game Off 2021


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Noisy mossy dismalites

Canvas offscreen

Isometric color picker



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