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Bitburner, W, and Prince of Persia


Bitburner is an idle game about hacking that teaches real JavaScript
Challenging you to learn how its systems work and automate them yourself, Bitburner takes the novel tack of letting you use JavaScript within the game itself.
Jonathan Bolding at PC Gamer

Best of 2021: the trends and events that defined the year for game developers
Reality has, quite frustratingly, knocked on the video game industry's door and said "hello! We've come here to stress you out again."
Bryant Francis at Game Developer

What The Matrix Resurrections really says about video games isn't obvious
The new film starring Keanu Reeves uses games to comment on whether art actually matters.
Carolyn Petit at Kotaku

Tesla stops letting motorists play video games while driving
The Passenger Play feature allows people to play games on the car's centre console.
Danielle Partis at GamesIndustryBiz


Kaboom.js tutorials – complete guide
This JavaScript-based library was made specifically with games in mind, in the same vein of frameworks such as Phaser or Pixi. There are many aspects that have made it stand above its competitors and worth your time checking out.
Lindsay Schardon at GameDev Academy


W - a micro WebGL2 framework


Moon surface 🌑


Happy new year


Prince of Persia (1990)

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