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FairyGUI, Grayscale Bytes, and Townscaper


Quake 1 gets its first major co-op content update in 25 years
A great free update for retro-loving players on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.
Sam Machkovech at Ars Technica

Play-to-earn feels like a disaster waiting to happen
I do not want to rent out my Pokemon.
Bryant Francis at Game Developer

The Matrix Unreal demo is a simple, weirdly fun open-world game
It might not be GTA6, but the new Unreal Engine 5 Matrix demo sure looks pretty.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Ubisoft launches Quartz for its first NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Paris-based Ubisoft said the first digital items to use it will be limited edition cosmetic items that will run on energy-efficient blockchain technology.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat

After a decade of waiting, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is getting a sequel
It's being made by Saber Interactive.
Jody Macgregor at PC Gamer


How to create a list view component in Phaser Editor v3
A list view, also known as a list box, is a user interface control that allows you to select one or more items (usually lines of text) from a vertically aligned list of “list items”.
Cartrell Hampton at Gameplay Coder

Building a PS1 style retro 3D renderer
I’ll detail all I’ve learned in researching the PS1 and other retro game consoles.
David Colson's blog


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FairyGUI - professional game UI solution


Grayscale Bytes - tiny code monochrome composition study

Block.xyz cube movement


Blender 3.0 - features reel showcase


Townscaper web demo

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