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JS-ByteBase, Aliendscapes, and Sink It


12 principles for game animation
Game animation has to be both artistically interesting and functional within the constraints of games.
Christopher Totten at Game Developer

EA plans Battlefield ‘universe’ following awful Battlefield 2042 launch
Everything these days needs to be part of something greater, and EA sees storytelling potential in the Battlefield franchise.
Ian Walker at Kotaku

Blockchain is only a game changer if players are stakeholders
Blockchain’s potential to decentralize virtually any organization and establish uniqueness and ownership of digital content makes it possible for individuals to interact in a trusted manner without the involvement of third parties.
Nicolas Pouard at GamesBeat

Animal Crossing players are recreating Breath of the Wild’s beautiful regions
Players reproduce its world one location at a time.
Ana Diaz at Polygon

Why Jagex is helping a RuneScape player make an idle game based on its flagship RPG
MMO developer's Chris Pfeiffer and Melvor Idle creator Brendan Malcolm discuss Jagex's latest publishing partnership.
James Batchelor at GamesIndustryBiz


How do they make browser games nowadays? Part 3
This time we’ll add more interactivity. Realtime statistics and collision detection, to be specific.
Alexander Saltykov at Medium

TypeScript class with no dependencies to handle Sokoban games in less than 10 lines of code
HTML5 example powered by Phaser.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


JS-ByteBase - a 2k JavaScript coding challenge


Aliendscapes - alien planet generator


Sightseeing tour of the Mandelbrot set

500 baubles


GDevelop intro tutorial: event system


Sink It

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