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2048, Yandex Jam, and Stick Hero


Fortnite is shutting down in China
After more than two years of testing, Fortnite is shutting down in China on November 15. The game never officially launched in that territory and was intentionally missing features such as in app purchases.
Erron Kelly at GamesBeat

OPGames strengthens its commitment to developer, open source communities with $300k donation to open source game engines
The web’s open source infrastructure is integral to the advancement of web 3 and benefits millions of indie game developers worldwide.

Playdate delayed to early next year
Battery issue blamed as crank-sporting handheld pushed back; supply chain issues also prompt revision to system's CPU.
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustryBiz

‘The popularity just didn’t wane’: Bethesda’s Todd Howard on 10 years of Skyrim
Still played by millions, Bethesda’s 2011 fantasy RPG has become a touchstone in the video game world. Game director Todd Howard reflects on its development and legacy.
Keza MacDonald at The Guardian

Forza Horizon 5 players are buying up one crappy jeep by the hundreds to farm money
Players have found a cheap (and annoying) way to farm rewards.
Morgan Park at PC Gamer


2048 in 9 minutes
Today I provided how to make one of the addictive old games for you to understand how a simple idea can be interesting and attract audiences all around the world.


Yandex.Games Jam (Nov 1st - Dec 1st) with Defold


ES6 Webpack boilerplate for melonJS


Practice with 3.js

Stick Hero with Canvas

Heightmap maze


Hex Takeover

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