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Gamedev.js Weekly #41


A Wizard's Lizard by the numbers: our HTML5 game on Steam
On January 8th we launched our Steam Greenlight campaign, which was successful on February 19th.
Matt Hackett at Gamasutra

That one myth about Youtubers
“The influence moved very quickly from the press to the Web ...and from the Web to YouTubers”. Being featured by a big YouTuber is the way to go.
Adrian Chmielarz at The Astronauts

GamePix: The new HTML5 games distribution platform has launched
With HTML5 games becoming more and more important in casual games market, we are all waiting for a distribution and monetization network where to publish our games.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Unity games in WebGL: Owlchemy Labs’ conversion of Aaaaa! to asm.js
I’ll attempt to enumerate some of the technical challenges we hit along the way as well as provide some tips for developers who might follow our path in the future.
Alex Schwartz at Mozilla Hacks

5 Tips For Designing Great Game Characters
monument valleyFor developers, game characters are key to a game’s success. Players relate to well-designed characters which makes the game experience feel real.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Maintaining Quality of Life as a Game Developer, Entrepreneur, and Parent
According to the IGDA Developer Satisfaction Survey, 70% of respondents do not have children.
Sean R Scott at Gamasutra

Ready For Retina HD: Create Pixel-Perfect Assets For Multiple Scale Factors
The 6 Plus is the first iPhone that sports a “Retina HD” display — the sharpest display Apple has ever made. It forces designers to provide an additional set of image resources to developers to match that sharpness.
Karsten Bruns at Smashing Magazine

Randomness and Game Design
The major point I'd like to make is that noise injected between a player's choice and the result (here referred to as output randomness) does not belong in a strategy game.
Keith Burgun at Gamasutra

Play Awesome Indie Games Directly in Firefox Including the Award-Winning FTL
Today, we’re announcing a promotion with Humble Bundle, one of the real innovators in game distribution, that brings eight hugely popular Indie games including the award-winning FTL directly to Firefox users.
Mozilla's blog


Construct 2 Release r184


Game Orbit: a CutJS example


Creating a mini-game with MightyEditor and Phaser


Humble Mozilla Bundle: play Humble games in your browser with asm.js

Manyland: an HTML5-powered 2D sandbox browser MMO demo

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