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SkyOffice, 252,144 particles, and Stack Three


Why detective video games are the perfect way to experience a mystery
Detective fiction tells a story pieced together by some clever person – and in a video game, that’s you.
Tauriq Moosa at The Guardian

Devolver Digital acquires Dodge Roll, Nerial and Firefly Studios
Publisher picks up developers behind Enter the Gungeon, Reigns and Stronghold.
Danielle Partis at GameIndustryBiz

Once, he was at the mercy of snipers and explosions IRL, now he's a Fortnite pro
33 Mony was recently signed to a team, but he's just getting started.
Jeremy Winslow at Kotaku

Solana, Lightspeed, and FTX announce web3 gaming investment initiative
The investments in the initiative will be allotted for blockchain-based games and tech. The first studio to benefit from this is Faraway, a new Web 3 gaming studio that raised $21 million on Thursday.
Rachel Kaser at GamesBeat


HTML5 Game Developer (Contract) at HOMER
Contribute to the software design and development of our cross-platform interactive game system and related tools and services.


Understanding physics continuous collision detection using swept AABB method and Minkowski sum - part 2: both bodies are moving
What if there are two moving bodies? Does Minkowski sum still apply?
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Word connect game in 12 minutes
We have a crossword that should be filled by specific words, the words are made on a circle of letters that the player can play with.
Ali at DoonDookStudio


GamesBeat Summit Next online on November 9-10


Game Off 2021 theme announcement


SkyOffice - immersive virtual office built with Phaser, Colyseus, React, Redux, and PeerJS


252,144 particles

Space globe

Practice Canvas 2D


Stack Three

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