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2048 in React, Tiny Texture Tumbler, and Superbike Hero


Wow, this Quake clone is smaller than a Word doc
This FPS is a tiny 13KB game that’s surprisingly fun to play.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Modder puts Super Mario 64 into Minecraft
The mod, which isn’t yet complete, allows the developer to run the Super Mario 64 engine inside the classic sandbox game.
Ana Diaz at Polygon

Ikea to release gaming furniture collection
Swedish home decor retailer to release new product line globally in October.
Jeffrey Rousseau at GamesIndustryBiz

Sky Mavis hits $2B in sales for its NFT game Axie Infinity
The game uses NFTs to uniquely identify cute characters. Players spend real money to acquire those characters and engage in battles with other players.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

Clive Sinclair and the offbeat brilliance of the ZX Spectrum
The affordability of Sinclair’s revolutionary 1982 home computer let a generation of young bedroom coders make anarchic, punky games, and its hardware limitations merely fostered extra creativity.
Keith Stuart at The Guardian


How to build the 2048 game in React
You will learn how to build your own clone of the 2048 game in React. What makes this article unique is that we will focus on creating delightful animations.
Matt Sokola at freeCodeCamp

Serious Scramblers HTML5 prototype built with Phaser and TypeScript – adding sprites and animations
The hero is some kind of ninja frog, enemies are angry pigs and platforms look better.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Tiny Texture Tumbler – a JS library and an editor to create textures


Weird fishes

Bouncing off the walls


Superbike Hero

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