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Quantum, RLE, and js13k


Apple can no longer force developers to use in-app purchasing, judge rules in Epic Games case
Apple’s lucrative App Store business received a major blow Friday thanks to a federal judge’s decision in the company’s legal battle with Epic Games.
Kif Leswing at CNBC

Morpheus isn’t in The Matrix Resurrections, and 2005’s The Matrix Online may explain why
How likely is it that the events of a MMO that’s been shut down for more than 12 years would have any canonical significance on the events of the forthcoming Matrix sequel?
Toussaint Egan at Polygon

Blockchain gaming platform Immutable raises $60 million
Immutable will use the capital raised to strengthen partnerships with gaming companies and grow its engineering and sales team.
Aaron Orr at Pocket Gamer

From GoldenEye to South Park: 10 of the best video games based on films and TV shows
Taking the greatest bits of their source material, these games allow players to enter the worlds they love via epic lightsaber battles and balletic flights of fancy.
Luke Holland at The Guardian


Phaser platformer series #24: tilemap objects
We created a basic tilemap using Tiled and loaded it into Phaser. We stripped out most of the functionality, and in this tutorial we’re going to put it all back!
Tom Harrison at Digitherium


Quantum Games Hackathon 2021


RLE sprite editor


Stained glass window in the light

tsParticles mouse spotlight and particles shadows


All 223 entries from the js13kGames 2021 competition

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