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Gamedev.js Weekly #40


Are slot games becoming overly complicated?
I’ve always had a real soft spot for slot machines. The old ones, the ‘bandits’ as we used to call them when I was a boy.
Space Monsters blog

On porting indie games
Every time we port Thomas Was Alone we get a new range of players experiencing it for the first time, telling their friends, or finally buying that game their friend recommended last year.
Mike Bithell's blog

Intel gives HTML5 some love at the Buzz Workshop
If you follow Intel closely, you’ll know they are serious about HTML5. Very serious. That’s why they have a developer portal dedicated to HTML5 technologies.
Will at PlayCanvas blog

Develop Live: Unity vs HTML5
Amazon's Jesse Freeman on pros and cons of the two platforms for the game development process.
Craig Chapple at Develop Online

14 Games That Will Inspire You To Make Better Color Choices
Here is a list of 14 colorful games-in random order- that use the property in cool ways.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Blend4Web: the Open Source Solution for Online 3D
In this article I’ll show what Blend4Web is, how it is evolved and and how it can be used for web development.
Yuri Kovelenov at MozHacks

Benchmarking Unity performance in WebGL
When we port Unity to new platforms, it is always an important question to find out how well it performs on that platform – and to see what we can do to make it perform as fast as possible.
Jonas Echterhoff at Unity blog

Why you should learn WebGL
WebGL lets you render interactive 3D graphics without using plug-ins.
Alex Mackey at Pluralsight

HTML5 Has A New Best Friend—And It's Apple, Not Google
Google should be leading HTML5 development, but it's not. No, that honor goes to Apple, the company that has done more to trumpet the virtue of native apps than anyone else.
Matt Asay at ReadWrite

Would a brand spend $20,000 to acquire 10,000 users?
The lead indicator of how costly it is to launch an app is, how much it costs to acquire a user.
MarketJS blog


Procedural Planet Generation
A lot of different steps go into generating the planet, utilizing a variety of algorithms and techniques.
Andy Gainey at Experilous

How to make a sidescroller game with HTML5
Learn the basics of building a sidescroller game with HTML5.
Pablo Farías Navarro at HTML5 Hub

Building Sokoban with Polymer
In this tutorial we will build the classic Sokoban game, leveraging the use of Web Components and an excellent Yeoman generator, generator-polymer, and publish it using Bower.
Emre Guneyler at Sitepoint


Responsive Game Design talk + networking drinks in London


Unfinished game - waiting for you to finish it - learn by practice

PixelProspector's The Marketing Guide for Game Developers

Kiwi.js HTML5 UberShader Plugin

Memory usage, Scirra Manual

Phaser.io - The first level slides

Phaser 2.1.2 "Whitebridge" is Released


BlockPlot - Explore Minecraft Worlds


Live coding in VR with the Oculus Rift, Firefox WebVR, JavaScript and Three.js

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