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Gamedev.js Weekly #4


The Anatomy of a Successful Mobile Game
Building a successful mobile game today takes a whole lot more than simply having a really fun game.
Robert Grossberg at Wired Innovation Insights

A Wizard’s Lizard Interview
A Wizard’s Lizard was built on HTML5 and JavaScript, which benefits from an amazing support system.
Adam Ames at True PC Gaming

How HTML5 will change gaming in the Arab world
Browser games are resurging thanks to HTML5. It supports the latest multimedia and makes content publishable on different browsers and across platforms.
Maya Rahal at Wamda

How CodeCombat Was Built
CodeCombat was largely an accident. After trying to learn how to code on his own, George Saines realized that the best way to motivate himself to code was to make it fun.
Yonas Beshawred at Leanstack

Sell Your HTML5 Web Apps In The Amazon Appstore
Starting today, developers can set a list price for their web apps, giving them another way to monetize web content to Amazon Appstore customers in nearly 200 countries across the globe.
Jesse Freeman at Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog

Google Launches Developer Preview Of Chrome Apps For Android And iOS
Construct apps based on web standards (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) and run them just like any native application built from the Android (or iOS) SDK.
Cody Toombs at Android Police


Game Design from Scratch – Part 1
Let’s start an article series about game design.
Frederic Rezeau at Okijin Games Blog

Managing Game States with Phaser
Any game is incomplete without its very own Menu screen, Lose and Win Screens. These instances in the game where you’re engaged in different activities are called ‘Game States’.
Nambiar Studios

Build 3D applications with the WebGL-based MontageJS 3D component
Putting together a complete demo with the features described in this tutorial, we built a simple hidden object game that takes place on the beach planet.
Ryan Paul at MontageJS

JavaScript Animation That Works (Part 2 of 4)
In this post, we will use this technique to animate both running and jumping motions.
Steven Riche at Nettuts+

HTML5 Games on Steam Greenlight

Elliot Quest


Full list of Global Game Jam 2014 games

Chrome + LEGO: You can build whatever you like

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