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Remember when multiplayer gaming needed envelopes and stamps?
The history of play-by-mail includes bribes, forgeries, and games that took years to finish.
Mark Hill at Wired

Bethesda cancels Fallout 76’s battle royale mode
The mode simply hasn’t proved popular enough to justify its inclusion, the company said, and Bethesda will be prioritizing the game’s Adventure Mode.
Cass Marshall at Polygon

Roblox facing $200m lawsuit from music publishers
The NMPA claims that tracks from artists such as Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and The Rolling Stones, among others, require compensation for their use inside Roblox.
Danielle Partis at GamesIndustryBiz

Everything we saw at the Summer Game Fest kickoff
Elden Ring, a Borderlands spin-off, and of course an appearance by Geoff's best friend Kojima.
Riley MacLeod at Kotaku

E3 2021 schedule: How and when to watch every gaming conference
Here's what we know about the plans for E3 2021 this June.
Wes Fenlon at PC Gamer


Learn CSS Flex Box by playing Flex Box Adventure Game
Help Knight, Mage, and Rogue defeat 3 evil brothers Plutus, Zelus, and Cronos using CSS Flex Box properties.
Nick Bull at Coding Fantasy

Build a HTML5 game like old Flash glory Totem Destroyer using Phaser and Planck.js physics engine
Your mission is to destroy a series of totems without letting the golden Idol (aka Tot) fall into the ground.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


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