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Wick Editor, CSS Pyramid of Giza, and Fisherman


Humble Bundle rolls back plans to remove charity sliders
Storefront backtracks on decision following feedback from the community.
Danielle Partis at GamesIndustryBiz

10 developers on what makes their games ‘hand-drawn’
Plenty of games are described as hand-drawn. Here’s what that means to different developers.
Nicole Carpenter at Polygon

Gaming in colour: uncovering video games’ black pioneers
Jerry Lawson led the invention of cartridges, Ed Smith made a hybrid console/PC, and designer Muriel Tramis won France’s highest honour for bringing history into play. How many more names are forgotten?
Tola Onanuga at The Guardian

Game Builder Garage promises a Nintendo masterclass in creativity
Nodon is one of the stars of Nintendo's new game. Or rather Nodon are, because they are many. Nodon are legion.
Christian Donlan at Eurogamer


Endless physics random terrain with only a bunch of bodies for your HTML5 games using Phaser, Box2D by Planck.js and Simplify.js
I am going to show you how to generate an endless physics random terrain, using only a bunch of bodies.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Winners of Gamedev.js Jam 2021 (see also category results)


Wick Editor - games, animations and everything in-between


Modern Typescript ebook


Parallax scroll animation

Parallax bird

Great Pyramid of Giza 3D model in pure CSS


Next Creators #41: building a modern way to play games with OPGames CEO Chase Freo



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