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CSS sudokus, RoughJS, and Dragon Crashers


Game Web Monetization plugin - report #2
The Game Web Monetization plugin is now live and ready to download, along with the full documentation, a sample game, and the English version of our 7-part tutorial.
Richard Davey at Web Monetization Community

Pixar’s Onward spawned a surprisingly good D&D clone
For Pixar fans or families looking to get into tabletop RPGs, Onward’s Quests of Yore is the real deal.
Charlie Hall at Polygon

Minesweeper returns as an explosive first-person spelunker
Mine Shaft reinvents the built-in Windows classic as a surprisingly tense puzzler.
Natalie Clayton at PC Gamer

Epic Games acquires ArtStation to foster an online marketplace for artists
It’s cutting the fees that folks pay to sell their wares on the site. The companies said the goal is to accelerate the development and growth of the creator community worldwide.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat


Generating and solving Sudokus in CSS
Challenging ourselves to solve logical problems with only CSS and HTML can force us to spend quality time with some of the newish, programing-like features of CSS.
Lee Meyer at CSS-Tricks

Generate a physics driven random terrain for your HTML5 games using Phaser, Box2D by Planck.js and Simplify.js
Thanks to SimplifyJS we can render terrian with about 4% of original amount of points.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


All 90 entries from Gamedev.js Jam 2021


Rough.js - create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy appearance

Phaser3-rollup-typescript starter


Unicorn day or night

Infinite snake 🐍


Dragon Crashers

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