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Chiptone, traffic simulation, and 1-bit Pinball


Roblox raises $520 million at $29.5 billion valuation, will go public through direct listing
Roblox hasn’t said when that DPO will actually happen yet, but it announced the funding round ahead of that future DPO.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

How video games inspire great UX
I had this intuition that video games would change my perspective. They seemed so much edgier, playing with deeper and more experimental UX techniques.
Scott Jenson's blog

Epic acquires Rad Game Tools
Unreal Engine maker picks up company behind Bink, Oodle, Telemetry, and more.
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustryBiz

A canceled 2006 Tomb Raider game is now playable
Back in 2006, Core Design, the original studio behind the Tomb Raider series, was working on a 10th-anniversary remake of the first game for PSP.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Enclave Games in 2020, and plans for 2021
Even though 2020 was overall a terrible year, we are really happy with how it turned out for us, given we received a grant from the Grant for the Web program to work on our projects.
Andrzej Mazur at Enclave Games


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Vettery is home to thousands of actively hiring startups and Fortune 500 companies. Create a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers looking to grow their teams.


Whack-a-Mole: the CSS edition
We’ll build a simple game of Whack-A-Mole, where the player needs to react quickly to win… all without a touch of JavaScript.
Will Yu at CSS-Tricks



Phaser v3.51.0


Humble Game Dev Map and Level Creator Bundle


Traffic simulation

Vanilla JavaScript particle smoke


1-bit Pinball demo

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