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Pseudo 3D racing, Phaser Editor 2D, and Sushi Rush


Innersloth cancels Among Us 2 because the first game has become so popular
The title launched back in November 2018, but has seen a huge upswing in players recently, with Innersloth revealing it had 1.5 million concurrent players at the start of September.
Chris Kerr at Gamasutra

Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda is all about Game Pass
Maybe you'll play The Elder Scrolls on PS5, maybe you won't - but for Xbox, and indeed for Bethesda's studios, that's not really the point.
Oli Welsh at Eurogamer

Playco raises $100 million at $1 billion valuation for instant games across platforms
That’s a lofty valuation for a company making a web browser gaming engine for instant games that are playable on a web link and can run on any platform.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

Amazon announces Luna, another cloud-based streaming game service
It’s sort of like Stadia with a slightly better controller.
Mike Fahey at Kotaku

Snap Games hires Kongregate and Facebook executives
Panayoti Haritatos joins as head of Snap Games, and Jessica Shetty as head of North America games partnerships.
Marie Dealessandri at GamesIndustryBiz


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


Building a pseudo-3D racing game for the 2020 JS13k Game Jam
I’ll go over how I put together my pseudo-3D project for this year’s game jam and add a few tips I’ve picked up from doing this game jam over the past few years.
mtmckenna at RadCade

Building a multiplayer game with API Gateway+Websockets, Go and DynamoDB
It's rock paper scissors, but the 5 move variant invented by Sam Kass and popularized by Big Bang Theory.
Josh Barratt at Ongoing Fascination Burnout

Fix stretched image distortions in Phaser 3 with 9-slice scaling
A better way to scale images that preserves the visual integrity of edges and corners.
Tommy Leung at Ourcade


React Summit 2020
A two-day conference on all things React, gathering Front-end and Full-stack engineers from around the globe in the cloud on October 15-16, 2020.

nodejsday 2020, online on October 2nd
We have three free tickets to give away.


Phaser Editor 2D v3.7.0 is available, with improved user properties and scripts loading


Over 500M End-Users Depend on Our Scalable Chat & Activity Feed APIs
Build real-time chat in less time. Rapidly ship in-app messaging with our highly reliable chat infrastructure.


3D room in pure CSS

Neumorphism - wave animation


Create a character in Phaser Editor 2D for Memory Match (part 1)


Sushi Rush

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