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Gamedev.js Weekly #35


Few Tricks on Compressing Js13k Entry
Most important detail: in js13k entry 13k stands for zipped entry size. And this detail makes js13k differ from other code golfing compos.
Subzey's GitHub Gist

Zynga’s first foray into WebGL, and how it runs on IE10
Zynga recently released the web version of Duck Dynasty Slots. By leveraging Mozilla’s Emscripten project, we were able to port it to the web, all from one codebase for iOS, Android and WebGL.
James Gregory at Zynga Engineering

Music Generation for js13kGames
I searched for some resources to learn how to make a song synthesizer that could fit in a 13k video game.
Butterfly programming blog

The future of the CocoonJS Cordova Command Line Interface (CLI)
Today we want to share with you an approximation of what’s coming to the CocoonJS CLI in the following months.
Iker Jamardo at Ludei blog

Tips to Slash Game Loading Time by 87%... Without Giving Up On Quality
Everyone wins when games load fast. Developers get more money, conversion and audiences. Players have a dynamic, dynamite and fun game experience.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

New Tagging System and Object Selection in Kiwi.js v1.1.0
Today we’ll be talking about object selection, and how the new tagging system can help you manage complex scenes.
Ben Richards at Kiwi.js blog

Communication is a Game Development Skill
Knowing how to speak and write effectively is right up there alongside knowing how to program, use Photoshop, follow design process, build levels, compose music, or prepare sounds.
Chris DeLeon at Gamedev.net

Raspberry Pi unveils HTML5-optimised browser
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new browser for its single-board computer, saying it's a viable alternative to traditional desktop browsers.
Jane McCallion at PC Pro

Q&A: Carmack reveals the challenges of mobile VR game development
Yesterday Samsung formally revealed its Gear VR headset, which was developed in close partnership with the folks at Oculus VR.
Alex Wawro at Gamasutra


HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example – Veggies vs Zombies
Learn how to create games similar to the award winning Plants vs Zombies.
Zenva Academy

HTML5 Phaser Tutorial – Top-Down Games with Tiled
In this tutorial we’ll create a basic template you can use to make your own top-down games using Phaser, an awesome HTML5 game framework.
Fariazz at GameDev Academy


HTML5.Assist Beta - rapid HTML5 and mobile web development platform

Make a preview of your App Store page

Phaysercast, a raycast engine done in Phaser

Phaser touch control plugin


Volumetric particle flow with WebGL

Сhain reaction

Canvas generated planets


Make Games with Construct 2 promo trailer

Jameson The Pilot HTML5 game reveal trailer


Urban Galaxy, an online Three.js powered game

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