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Writing a 3D engine, GothicVania pack, and nervous system


Game refunds and the hidden costs of 'getting to net' on Steam
How is your title’s net revenue calculated from your gross, how much does it tend to be, and why do refunds need some extra discussion? Heck, I’ll tell you.
Simon Carless at Gamasutra

Flight Simulator pilots make 16-hour flight from LA to Dubai in real time
One of the big draws with Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator is that it recreates the entire planet to scale.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

The silly, chaotic, random design behind Fall Guys’ success
A game designer explains why Fall Guys is blowing up.
Jennifer Scheurle at Polygon

Hiber raises $2.2m to build out its browser-based game platform
Users have created over 300,000 games on Hiber so far in 2020.
Rebekah Valentine at GamesIndustryBiz

Burger King takes heat for using Twitch donation readouts to run advertisements
Streamers and viewers have complained that the 'King of Stream' ads were unethical.
Andy Chalk at PC Gamer


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


Writing a 3D engine (after trying not to)
As a challenge to myself this year, I wanted to make a game that uses an axonometric projection to achieve an engaging top-down effect.
Mark Racette at Notion

Phaser Editor 2D: a Day in the Beach. A demo of buttons based on components.
We did this game to demonstrate how you can create some common buttons in the game by using reusable components.
Arian at Phaser Editor 2D's blog

How to playtest your game – game design tips
Playtests are an essential component of the game dev process – from the smallest project to the largest.
Cypress Reeves at GameDev Academy


The Sandbox Game Maker


6 Best Practices for Responsive Dashboard Design
Responsive dashboards and reports are crucial when you need a great application experience on any device. Follow these 6 tried-and-true principles of responsive dashboard design to take your application to the next level.

GothicVania Church pack


Neural nervous system of a brain



Road Fury

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