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Gamedev.js Weekly #33


2 great frameworks to write HTML5 games
Writing a HTML5 game to target multiple platforms, browsers, small and big screens is a great adventure. In 2014 there are multiple choices to achieve that, and this article will describe one of them.
Avrora Software

Why I've Said Goodbye to Mobile in Favor of PC
I am fed up with the whole mobile/tablet gaming market. I’ve worked hard for three years and released two games to almost every mobile device you can think of. Never again.
Thomas Henshell at Gamasutra

How This Indie Developer Fixed his Game by Doing Nothing
Hunter Hamster’s HTML5 game Snail Bob gets around 1 million game plays a month. But, Andrey Kovalishin, a co-founder of Hunter Hamster doesn’t have time, staff or much interest to spend time thinking about that.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Benefits and Challenges of HTML5 App and Game Cross-Platform Development
HTML5 web app development had its ups and downs but it is undeniably one of the most promising technologies for the upcoming years.
Iker Jamardo at Developer Economics

Dan Adelman's advice for indies
Focus on price, product, promotion and platform says former Nintendo head of digital content.
Rachel Weber at GamesIndustry.biz


Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript – Audio
Now that we’ve covered input and graphics, it’s time we move on to audio. Here is a bit of a warning upfront... HTML5 audio sucks.
Game From Scratch blog

Concatenate And Minify Your Phaser Code
You have finished your game, you have lots of nice re-usable components and a folder structure all incorporated as a work of art, a thing of beauty! Now it’s time to package all of that up into a single .js file and minimize it for distribution.
Orbital Game Studios blog


Ludum Dare 30

The Daily Challenge


Introducing Kiwi.js Version 1.1.0 “Shigeru”


Gamasutra's Game Career Guide

Building Games for Firefox OS ebook


Mesmerizing Spinners

Canvas Starfield


HTML5 Game Development using Phaser by Lynda

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