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Hexagon tiling, MAGFest, and Defend Home


The differences between random and randomized progression
Recently, I’ve tried what is considered pure lootbox progression, and I can put into words why these two concepts are not the same.
Josh Bycer at Gamasutra

Pokémon Go revenue spikes as game continues to adjust for COVID-19
Last week was its highest-earning week in 2020 so far, despite lockdowns.
Rebekah Valentine at GamesIndustryBiz

Activision wins 'First Amendment' Call Of Duty lawsuit
In 2017, Activision was sued by AM General over Call of Duty’s accurate depiction of Humvees.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

Campus is closed, so college students are rebuilding their schools in Minecraft
Being stuck at home has forced everyone to be creative.
Pearse Anderson at The Verge

Innovating on Web Monetization: Coil and Firefox Reality
In the coming weeks, Mozilla will roll out a Web Monetization experiment using Coil to support payments to creators in the Firefox Reality ecosystem.
Anselm Hook at Mozilla Hacks blog

Demiurge co-founder buys the studio back from Sega
Original CEO Albert Reed wants the Marvel Puzzle Quest developer to return to supporting work on AAA titles.
Brendan Sinclair at GamesIndustryBiz


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.

HTML5 Game Developer
Azerion Web Studio is a flexible gamedev team that holds a high standard for code, features and SDK’s we make for our 300+ games Portfolio. Currently Hiring!


Converting the Flash game Blasteroids to HTML5 using Phaser (part 5)
Collision with missiles, asteroids, and player ship.
Cartrell at Gameplay Coder


Gamedev.js Jam 2020 starts April 13th!


Postmark offers 3 months of free email service
Originally targeted at Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup participants, we're opening up our coupon code to give you three months of unlimited Postmark service for free.

Phaser 4 dev log 5


$500 Scholarship to Study Machine Learning Engineering
Springboard and Gamedev.js are offering 20 scholarships for the first students who enroll using the code AISPRINGBOARD. Applying is free.

Stay safe and learn Phaser 3 HTML5 Cross Platform Game Development with this exclusive offer from Emanuele Feronato


Hexagon tiling

Super flake ❄


MAGFest 2020: Tiny coding - making big games with little code (correct link this time)

The three camp system: how Gothic and Fallout New Vegas create a believable society


Defend Home

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