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Gamedev.js Weekly #31


Bad Game + Bad Game = Good Learning Experience
For my One Game a Month projects, I have chosen to undertake a unique challenge. Every other month I choose one "bad" video game and remake it into something playable and hopefully even entertaining.
Ian Richard at Tuts+ Game Development

PlayCanvas on reframing the game engine
Having just gone open-source, Develop speaks to CEO Will Eastcott about providing an alternative tool for development.
Will Freeman at Develop

Pixel Perfect scaling a Phaser game
With GBJam3 just started today I tend to get asked this a lot on twitter: “How do I scale my game and keep it crisp?”
Photon Storm's blog

How This Indie Developer Fixed his Game by Doing Nothing
Hunter Hamster’s HTML5 game Snail Bob gets around 1 million game plays a month. But, Andrey Kovalishin, a co-founder of Hunter Hamster doesn’t have time, staff or much interest to spend time thinking about that.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

What's the Deal with Pixel Art?
As pixel art in game design, illustration, and other media has made quite a comeback in recent years, it's a great time to ask the question: “What's the deal with pixel art?”
Mary Winkler at Tuts+ Design

How do I get started programming games?
Where do I start is the most common type of question I get.
Tommy Refenes at Gamasutra

Revenue share advice
I write this post in the hope that those of you who are looking to get into game development in any way will take some constructive advice from someone who is running a games project.
Nineteen Stone Ninjas devlog


Creating a basic multiplayer game with Phaser and Eureca.io
The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to create basic multiplayer HTML5 game. I’ll use Phaser for game developement and Eureca.io for client/server communication.
Ezelia's blog

HTML5 Game Development with Phaser
This course shows you how to put Phaser to work: creating a multistate game that can be played on both desktop browsers and mobile devices.
Joseph Labrecque at Lynda.com

Mobile touch controls from scratch in HTML5
It's possible to get quite sophisticated analog controls on a phone. Xibalba is a good example in the first person shooter category. You can choose to turn either a little, or a lot by sweeping your thumb on the screen.
Aaron Bell's blog


WiMi5 - Create, publish and monetise HTML5 games
WiMi5 lets you create, publish and monetise casual games in HTML5 without the need to program. The cloud-based editor reduces game development time and lets you create casual games for any desktop or mobile device.


js13kGames starts in less than a week


Phaser Isometric plug-in


Hand-drawn game where you can explore galaxies in your browser


The Wizard, free turn-based dungeon crawler

Catan Anytime, Microsoft-made HTML5 version of Settlers of Catan

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