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MelonJS, inspect this snake, and ball machine


Death Stranding review: Hideo Kojima tries to make fetch happen
The most advanced walking simulator the world has ever seen.
Russ Frushtick at Polygon

The race to save Japan's incredible '80s PC gaming history before it's gone
Square, Enix, and Game Arts: 3 origin stories from Japan's PC boom, from inside the Game Preservation Society's archive.
Wes Fenlon at PC Gamer

Zynga posts mixed results: record bookings of $395 million, but short on profits
It’s a bit complicated to figure out, as Zynga is doing a lot better than it said it would, but for various reasons, it isn’t making as much profit as expected.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

Designing Grindstone's super satisfying board-clearing gameplay
A lot of studios have passion projects they work on between contract work and every once and a while those projects get to see the light of day. That's the case for Capybara Games.
Aron Garst at Gamasutra

Amazon blocks sales of all unauthorised Nintendo products
Third-party sellers now need platform holder's approval before selling second-hand games or hardware.
James Batchelor at GamesIndustryBiz

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review - punchy gunplay in a camper's paradise
Infinity Ward rekindles the Modern Warfare magic with a more tactical first-person shooter - for better and for worse.
Wesley Yin-Poole at Eurogamer


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


HTML5 wheel of fortune powered by Phaser updated: exclude some prizes
Everything starts from a property called enabled, which can be true or false.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Building a typing game with MelonJS
Learn how to build a JS game using MelonJS and Tiled.
Fernando Doglio at Bits and Pieces

Writing a multiplayer text adventure engine in Node.js (part 3): creating the terminal client
This third part of the series will focus on adding a text-based client for the game engine that was created in part 2.
Fernando Doglio at Smashing Magazine


Inspect this snake

Ball machine


Neon Blaster 2

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