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EGO Experiment, Kontra.js, and Longcat spinner


Indie game makers open up about the money they actually make
A dozen creators get candid about cash.
Lewis Gordon at The Verge

Blizzard's Hong Kong missteps prove video games aren't neutral
Blizzard’s esports leagues have, in the past, tried to appear neutral by laying out policies for players that require them not to say anything that could be construed as controversial.
Joshua Rivera at Kotaku

How to get on the front page of imgur
Almost 150,000 views, hundreds of comments, all looking at me and my game.
Chris Zukowski at Gamasutra

John Wick Hex: the action ‘film’ that plays like a board game
To become the Baba Yaga, you need to think like the Baba Yaga.
Jeffrey Parkin at Polygon

EGO Experiment is finished
My rocky ~3-years-long path of building game with pure JavaScript.
Greeny7's blog

Steam's Remote Play Together introduce online support for all local multiplayer games
It'll work automatically with all relevant games in a forthcoming beta.
Shaun Prescott at PC Gamer

Death Stranding: will Hideo Kojima’s mystery project redefine gaming?
It’s the most eagerly awaited game of the year – and it stars everyone from Guillermo del Toro to the Bionic Woman. We tell the inside story of the dystopian thriller.
Dan Dawkins at The Guardian


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


Understanding advanced collision management with Matter physics using Risky Road game prototype
When you define your body properties such as friction and restitution, you can also give your body a collisionFilter property which can contain a category and a mask.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


ANOVA: A classic Point-and-Click Adventure Game by MontiGames - The first fully independent game by Spanish developer MontiGames is now live! Join their Patreon campaign to help them create more award-winning episodes! You can also follow their development at their new website.


js13kGames 2019 winners announced

Top 10 js13k entries highlighted on GitHub's blog


Clubhouse: snappy, modern project management tool for developers
"Clubhouse is like a fast and delightful version of Jira, a more purposeful version of Trello," says a current user. Free for up to 10 users.

Kontra.js js13k postmortem


Longcat spinner

CSS rock paper scissors

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