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Gamedev.js Weekly #30


Xibalba – A WebGL First Person Shooter
More than a year ago I started to work on a project that was supposed to be released for 7DFPS. I didn't meet the deadline, but the game I started back then is now finally finished.
Phoboslab blog

Why I Made a Game Engine
Here are some reasons I created an HTML5 game engine called FLAG.
Zac Zidik at Gamasutra

Creating a connected experience on mobile (html5) games
Recently i had a lot of interesting chats with other developers on the use of offline capabilities for (HTML5) web games.
HTML5 United blog

List of HTML5 Game Publishers & Sponsors
The following list of HTML5 game publishers and sponsors is comprehensive but not complete; it never will be. New publishers will join the market, existing ones will leave, management will change, and reputations will evolve.
True Valhalla blog

How This Online Game Generated Double The Engagement of Facebook
Two independent developers created a game that’s achieving an average playing time of 32 minutes by getting to the heart of what users really want.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Best Mobile App Monetization Tactics
I’m asked by Game Developers on a daily basis, “What’s the best way to monetize my app?” I figured I’d write a blog post addressing some key monetization strategies and tactics that I’ve deployed over the years.
Kyle Waring at LinkedIn

David Evans of PlayCanvas interviewed at Let's play tag
CTO and Co-founder of PlayCanvas. Next-generation browser gaming with HTML5.
Let's play tag

XType Plus – an HTML5 Game for the Nintendo Wii U
For many Indie Game Developers getting your game on a real gaming console is something like the holy grail.
Phoboslab blog

HTML5 Games — a Chat with Play.im’s Content Chief
HTML5 gaming is still in its early stages, though rapidly maturing to make good on its promise of becoming the cross-platform technology that everyone yearn for.
Scott DeVaney at The Apps Blog

What does it really cost to open an indie studio? All your money, most of your life
It is common to hear about game companies having crushing financial woes in the games press.
Guillaume Boucher-Vidal at Polygon


The Visual Guide for Multiplayer Level Design
A how-to guide for creating team based shooter multiplayer levels.
Bobby Ross blog


ImpactJS 1.24


WaveGL, a WebGL Audio

Canvas Airport Simulation

Deferred rendering with physically based lighting in WebGL


Game About Squares

Xibalba - a WebGL first person shooter made with ImpactJS

Oort Online - latest game to use the Turbulenz Engine

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