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Grant for the Web, Phaser RPG, and Batty the Bat


Stream high-quality real-time graphics through your browser with our new WebRTC framework
Our new open-source WebRTC library for Unity and easy-to-use drop-in framework demonstrates how you can stream your projects through your browser.
Laetitia Santore at Unity Blog

Discord’s Nitro Games library is being shut down due to lack of use
Developers can still sell their games through Discord, however.
Nicole Carpenter at Polygon

Indie developers have mixed reactions to Steam algorithm update
Recently Steam released a new discovery update that changed how recommending games work, claiming that it would increase the visibility of smaller games on Steam.
Samuel Guglielmo at TechRaptor

Why we are giving away $100m to creators with Mozilla and Creative Commons
For the first time, Web Monetization allows users to reward creators on the Web without having to rely on one particular company, currency, or payment platform.
Coil's blog


Game developers are in demand on Vettery
Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


Web class: learn RPG mechanics in Phaser
For our course, we’ll be using the Phaser 3 framework for developing our game.
Lindsay Schardon at Phaser Tutorials


ANOVA: A classic Point-and-Click Adventure Game by MontiGames - The first fully independent game by Spanish developer MontiGames is now live! Join their Patreon campaign to help them create more award-winning episodes! You can also follow their development at their new website.


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Upside down

Procedural mountains


Batty the Bat

Water me Please

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