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Floppy, SuperwebApp, and DroidScript


Single-player games might be safer bets than live games in 2019
Everyone is fighting to make games that live forever, leaving more room for games that end.
Daniel Friedman at Polygon

Game Design Deep Dive: making the 100(!) endings of Reventure
I love game jams. I've been making small games for jam competitions for more than nine years now. I especially love Ludum Dare. The original concept for Reventure was born in one.
Javi Cepa at Gamasutra

Epic's founder explains why the company is going so hard on exclusives
Epic founder Tim Sweeney has outlined in a lengthy Twitter thread exactly why his company is scooping games up, instead of just offering them for sale alongside every other store.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

DeepMind’s AI can defeat human players in Quake III Arena’s Capture the Flag mode
DeepMind’s cheekily-dubbed For The Win (FTW) agents learn directly from on-screen pixels using a convolutional neural network, a collection of mathematical functions (neurons) arranged in layers modeled after the visual cortex.
Kyle Wiggers at VentureBeat

The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is live
You know what to do.
Andy Chalk at PC Gamer


Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Sign up to receive interview requests directly from top companies hiring game devs.


Dashy Panda HTML5 game updated to Phaser 3.18.1 with more room for customization and object pooling
Like in most endless runner games, the character controlled by the player does not actually “run”, as it remains in a fixed position while the whole environment runs towards the character.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Pencil.js intro
I want to present you PencilJS; a nice modular interactive 2D drawing library written in JavaScript.
Guillaume Martigny at DevTo


Floppy, a micro game engine written in JavaScript

Superweb.app - deploy apps, games, and WebAssembly projects as offline PWAs

DroidScript, a JavaScript IDE


GLSL: cube environment reflections

Captain Dashboard


Micro Tank Battle

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