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Azerion, Noa, and Phaser 3.18


Azerion buys Spil Games’ mobile game division
Media, gaming, and tech company Azerion has acquired the mobile game division of Spil Games. The two companies have also set up a strategic partnership.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

GOG's quest to unite all game launchers just might work, Microsoft already on board
GOG Galaxy 2.0 wants to bring every game library and social interaction to one program.
James Davenport at PC Gamer

This student-made VR game was one of the best hidden gems at E3 2019
The revolutionary feature that sets Ascend apart is what the team calls the Lean Motion locomotion system, allowing you to aerially maneuver its virtual space by just tilting your head in the direction you want to fly.
Jess Joho at Mashable

From The Witcher 3 to Cyberpunk: The evolution of CD Projekt's quest design
At E3 2019, quest director Mateusz Tomaskiewicz​ told us about what he's learned directing the quests of Cyberpunk 2077, and the challenges of designing a more nonlinear RPG.
Bryant Francis at Gamasutra

EA: our loot boxes are actually 'surprise mechanics' that are 'quite ethical'
EA’s Kerry Hopkins made those comments as part of an oral evidence session with the UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee today.
Nathan Grayson at Kotaku


Find A Job Through Vettery
Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Sign up to receive interview requests directly from top companies hiring game devs.


HTML5 Drag and Match engine updated to Phaser 3 using my pure Javascript class to handle Match3 games
Match3 class handles everything happening under the hood and tells the framework how to move items on the screen, so you only need to manage input and animations.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Creating a Phaser 3 template (part 3)
We are going to continue working on our template by: adding the logic for a global state, adding audio to our game, and refactor some of our code into reusable components.
Scott Westover at Phaser Tutorials


Multiplayer Game Development Mini-Degree on Kickstarter


Noa, experimental voxel game engine

Phaser 3.18.0 released


Roadtrip sunset

CSS-only animated lantern

Eyeballs with Zdog


Maze Speedrun

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